Friday, January 02, 2009

Friday Fuckwit

Yep back to life as we know it. A very short one tonight. I have a friend arriving from Ireland tomorrow so the Friday Fuckwit is Etihad Airlines who were late taking off from Dublin . . further delay in Abu Dhabi and I'm really not sure what time I'll be picking him up from Kingsford Smith tomorrow. Also, air traffic schedulers who don't consider the curfew in their flight planning (well if they do, I haven't seen any evidence of it!)

Sydney has an air noise curfew between midnight and 5am which they don't advertise to international visitors. So often, these delays are so that long haul flights come in after 5am. If they catch a good headwind half way, you're made to sit in a transit lounge in some far flung place such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Bangkok to wait until the time is appropriate. Used to be Bahrain and Bagdad but . . . well no explanation needed there.

I'm all for the curfew, I do feel sorry for people in the flight path late at night. I remember having dinner in a fabulous Italian restaurant's outdoor garden in Leichardt (an inner city suburb) and every five minutes we had to stop talking as an aircraft mosied over . . .you could see the colour of the serviettes . . .

The building of a safety ramp on the third runway is causing even more congestion with that particular runway closed but I wish the airlines would coordinate their schedules to allow for it rather than have passengers thinking a wing's about to fall off and having a little freak out in some middle eastern airport because their flights delayed for 2 hours. My poor passenger has already sent three emails in frustration, is high on adrenaline and so frustrated that this particular long haul is longer than ever. Twenty four hours in a tin tube is no fun . . I just hope the experience is worth it.

Of course the curfew also means that most long haul (that is flights from North America and Europe) bombard the airport early in the morning causing more delays at customs. All this and I pay $25 an hour for car parking . . .

As an upshot, posting may be few and far between, it may be daily depending upon what activities provide material, it may be photo blog stuff because we'll be out and about doing the touristy thing but I'm so looking forward to his visit. Even bought a new sofa bed! Hurry up Paduan, there's a chocolate on the pillow with your name on it!


Anonymous said...

You can fly from Dublin to Sydney with Etihad?

I've seen their planes, but never gave much thought where they went.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the adventure and your virtual Son!

English Mum said...

Ooh yes! Photos! We need photos! Have bags of fun, and remember to tell us all about it x

Anonymous said...

Glad I flew into Adelaide and wasn't affected by the Sydney curfew! It's a good idea though, too much aircraft noise can ruin people's lives, as thousands of residents round Heathrow can testify.

Ces Adorio said...

Have a great time. You'll forget the flight delay once you see him. Does he know you are not the axe-murderer?

Miladysa said...

How exciting for you both!

Have a wonderful time - look forward to reading about your adventures :D

Gledwood said...

we're getting massive scandal bc they want to build a 3rd runway for heathrow which only has 2

everyone says yeah but i've been there and they've got loads of runways but i think that's the layperson's and the expert's differing definition of "runway"

have a good one, once it happens!

Anonymous said...

Anyone staying with you would have a great time and think it all worthwhile. Good luck with the sightseeing. Hope the rain isn't settling in down there with you.

Baino said...

Certainly can Ian and it's not badly priced either. His flight is still 'on time' which means the delays are purely to ensure that it gets here at the scheduled time.

Oh Yeah! GM When he finally gets here.

Yep EM I'm sure there'll be plenty of photos even if he's a bit camera shy!

True Nick. It seems to work pretty well and the flight paths are varied through the week so that airport noise is shared but if you live close, there's no real way of avoiding it. Bon Voyage to you and Jenny, you must be on your way home now?

Haha Ces, Axe Murderer? Moi? . . .he'll have to wait and see.

Yep Milady . .very much looking forward to it (hence my commenting at 2am . . can't sleep!

Gled's hate to say it but I didn't believe you but you're right! Only two runways at one of the world's busiest airports amazing!

G'day Coastal . . no rain in Sydney yet. We had a southerly change here at lunchtime but it's still mild. Probably a good thing for an Irishman arriving in January!

i beati said...

$25.00 an hour threw me from my chair omg have lots of fun adventures for us to

i beati said...

$25.00 an hour threw me from my chair omg have lots of fun adventures for us to

Don't Bug Me! said...

Don't even get me started on airlines and flight delays. Flying back from Bogata to Canada we wanted to upgrade. We were trying to give the airline money, but, oh no, they couldn't possible upgrade us. What, are all the business class seats full? Well, no, but there is no way we can take your money. Hmmmmm, perhaps this is why Air Crapada keeps needing to be bailed out by the Canadian tax payer. I am wondering if they have to take the course "How to piss people off as much as possible 101" before they are hired?

Megan said...

We have 'noise abatement' here too at the Orange County airport. If you don't know about it it's kinda freaky right after takeoff, when it suddenly sounds as if the engines have failed!

Enjoy your visitor and yes, please, photos would be great.

kj said...

awwwh, baino, here's wishing you quite a visit! i'll be thinking of you and smiling.


Anonymous said...

When we have visitors arriving from the Northern Hemisphere, we use a number we call which gives real time update on when the plane will touch down so we don't have to go to the airport and wait for a few hours which is detrimental to the contents of our wallets.
Hope he arrives soon and shakes off the jet lag swiftly after a good day of not-sleeping and then crashing at night for a long night's sleep.
All the best to the Irish visitor, I am sure he will have a great time and will be in good hands all through his stay.

Mo said...

I've never had to wait for a flight that long.. but I waited a couple of hours in the airport once waiting to get to London, and I almost passed out. I hope you have a fun time anyway.

TCL said...

There are no good flights, even the ones that are on time. It's just a necessity of seeing faraway places.

Those Middle Eastern airports are pretty boring. Aside from some duty free shops, not much to do. But I usually try to schedule a longish stop so I can get out and explore the cities a little.

Bangkok's not so bad. 12 hours and one can at least get to the city to have a good meal.

laughingwolf said...

ooooooo always nice to have long distance visitors... enjoy!

Kath Lockett said...

Ah well, let's hope your blogger mate arrives in one piece and is fully ready for the BAINO Experience..... and lives to tell the tale!

Anonymous said...

Ah Syderney airport. Max the axe runs the show now for a Macquarie fund. You'll only see more and more price gauging there.

Oh joy and bliss.

when it comes to international arrives, both Melbourne and Sydney suck big time. Australias shame. The two msot awful airports I've ever had the misfortune to pass through.

Unknown said...

I hate aeroplanes. I hate delays even more.

Anonymous said...

That must have been one heck of a flight. Have fun you two. :)

Baino said...

Sandy he was four hours late and the parking cost me $50! I should be up for a refund from Etihad Airlines!

Ah welcome home DBM . .Clare found difficulty with US Airlines not coordinating with their South American counterparts which led to much hanging about in airports waiting for connections.

Actually it turned out not to be the curfew but he wasn't told what was causing the delays in both Dublin and Abu Dhabi . .ver tired boy he was and slept 14 hours on Saturday night!

Thanks kj. We're smiling to!

Gaye, Etihad had an SMS service but they didn't update it until I was well on my way! GAH!

Ebs, I think delays are par for the course and long hauls often have a 2 hour wait for connections or other passengers to join the flight. He's not taken such a long flight before so it was just disappointing to have been delayed.

Ted, you'd know, you're an old hand at the long hauls! Good luck on your way to Argentina (today isn't it?)

Thanks Wuffa, we're having a fine time so far.

Yep, all here in one piece and white as a ghost! I have to keep pushing him into the shade for fear he'll burn to a crisp!

Ash I haven't had any probs with the airport itself but what struck me was that all the signage is in English. Saturday was full of holidaymakers and backpackers. If you dont speak English you're pretty stuffed! They're also renovating so Sydney's particularly shit at the moment.

Ropi I'm with you but unfortunately, I love travel so have to get over the fear of flying if I want to go overseas or even interstate!

Thanks JD. The boy is a fish! Seriously, I can't keep him out of the pool!