Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Fuckwits

Today it is a 'few'members of the United States cycling squad who arrived at the Olympic Games wearing black respiratory masks, apparently concerned over reports of unhealthy levels of air pollution in Beijing. (Duh!)

About half a dozen members of the team, male and female, were pictured wearing close-fitting face masks covering nose and mouth as they went through Beijing airport. One was identified as Mike Friedman, a track cyclist who competes indoors.

"I suspect it was their choice, you would have to talk to them as to what prompted them to do this," said Darryl Seibel, chief communications officer of the US Olympic Committee.

"I will say this: I am not a scientist, but in my view that was unnecessary."

A cycling official tried to play down the incident which some Chinese may see as provocative.

"I don't believe there was any statement trying to be made," said USA cycling spokeswoman Andrea Smith. (Fashion statement perhaps . . .Michael Jackson eat your heart out!)

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has said athletes have the right to express their opinions, but should not do so in the athletes' village or the sports venues.

Beijing's pollution has been a cause for concern for athletes heading for the Games, which begin on Friday. The IOC has said there was no reason for alarm. Its medical commission chief, Arne Ljungqvist, said the air quality did not pose problems to athletes or visitors unless they had a specific condition such as asthma.

"I would not say that those (people) should not carry protection devices if they so feel, but I honestly doubt about the efficiency... unless they are carrying a new generation of masks, I don't know."

The main causes of irritation in pollution such as that in Beijing is PM 2.5 particles which may damage the lungs and may also be able to seep into the bloodstream, while high ozone levels can trigger asthma and other breathing problems in young and old. Not super fit, aerobically superior athletes who are there for 2 weeks!

Now take a leaf out of Aussie Rower James Tomkins' book. . .he has double the lung capacity of most athletes and will be sucking in twice as much Beijing smog . . .is he wearing a face mask and being all precious about a little pollution . . hell no! We grow 'em tough here!


Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

If anyone wants to protest at the pollution, or anything else, they'd be better off putting their own egos aside and just not participating.

This whole 2008 Olympics has me really pissed off - it's riddled with hypocrisy from beginning to end.

mutter, grumble, complain, bitch, whinge, moan, mutter.

laughingwolf said...

the 'olympics' continue to be a major joke, bloating the bank accounts of the few 'in charge', nothing more....

Jay said...

I agree. If they feel that the pollution is a serious problem, they should choose not to go at all, rather than go along and offend the host country.

Yay for the Aussie rower with the double-capacity lungs. How did he DO that? Life-time non-smoker I bet.

English Mum said...

Oh dear, oh dear. Silly and rather attention-seeking, methinks.

Oh, and Baino - do the meme! I'm dying to know who plays you!!!! x

Excellent Adventures said...

Bunch of pansies if you ask me. Quit your whinging. Next they'll be blaming their losses on the environment

Thriftcriminal said...

Baino said...

AV I am with you all the way although avoiding it on the news . . sorry I have to watch the news . . I agree if you're so precious that you're worried about pollution steele yourself and don't go. Grumpy old women of the world unite!

Wuffa . .agree big time. How China got it in the first place STUNS me. We all know they can wave in unison . ..

Jay . . agree, agree, agreee. Oh he's just one of those biological freaks and he's in his 40's 5th Olympics and a damn nice bloke. Smokes 60 a day (nah, just made that up)

EM I am doing the meme, trust me I just can't choose between Queen Latifa or Brenda Blethin although I'm leaning towards "Super Nanny" God I wish I'd done that first because I can say 'acceptible'

Baby girl . .yeh if you can walk the Inca trail at high altitude, put up with city stink, groom 8 ponies, 4 chickens, live with five dogs, two rabbits and a pair of whining brats without a sneezle they need to get a life! *bigz hugz by the way - just had fam night with the Becster* I'm actually boycotting due to Bruce McAvaney!

Thrifty . .that's now bookmarked. Bloody brilliant!

Quickroute said...

LOL - Just checked Thriftys link - classic!

Moon said...

Bit rich really, considering I live in one of the most polluted areas of the staes .. LA ... you can't see the Hollywood sign some days because of the smog ... grrrrr

Megan said...

Sometimes I can't believe the fucking stupidity of Americans. And I am one.

Thanks so much, Olympians, for adding to the global derision...


Megan said...

And I just checked the link as well - brilliant!

Bimbimbie said...

When I saw them arriving on the news the other day I took it as their way of supporting Tibet. I had heard our own cyclist Cadel Evans and others were planning on wearing Pro Tibet t-shirts. All a joke for the USA really considering the Dixie Chicks backlash whilst exercising their freedom of speech over Iraq. I agree with the first comment and shall be boycotting these Games by speed walking out of the room when any mention of them should filter through to my ears *!*

Baino said...

Quickie . .He is indeed enterprising! I'd probably buy one!

Moon . .thankfully it's only a couple of twats, the balance see it as a fair playing field.

Ah Megan, the world knows there's a good bunch amongst you!

Babysis said...

Ah the yanks love a good publicity stunt..... I just hope the cyclists can do the moon walk as well!

I for one LOVE the olympics.

I love the opening ceremony and watched the chinese one last night and this morning and it was spectacular (yet hypocritical as well - talking about saving the world and global warming when they are the major contributors!)

However, I watched in awe at their history and loved every minute of it. Their costumes were stunning and boy can they march in unison!

So alas I shall piss some people off, but I will be watching whenever I can....

Kath Lockett said...

I'm in a double bind here. I've got my nine year old who sat through the entire telecast (special priveleges in being allowed to stay-up late), mesmerised at it all.

It also reminded me that, honestly, is China any worse than the US in terms of human rights abuses, warmongering, pollution, or ripping off lowly paid workers? What kept running through my mind last night was Sting's obvious-but-worth-asking song from his 1985 album 'The dream of the blue turtles' when he sang, 'Do the Russians love their children too?'

The paper scroll, children, happy faces were beautiful. Maybe we should be even more like our Aussie rower bloke and just get in there, flog our guts out, enjoy ourselves and give me a go.... ??