Friday, August 08, 2008

The Three Amigos (and the new Muskateer)

I actually really like this meme and it took some thinking about . .tagged by the lovely and slightly mad K8

Da rulez;

If you had to select celebrities/actors to play the parts in the story of your life today (including yourself!), who would it be and why - this can be based on looks or personality!

The Rules!

1. List the people who would play you, and the key people in your life.
2. Give credit to the person who tagged you.
3. Link your answers to the original blog, that’s here (!
4. Tag four new people to participate.

We have a big extended family but the four of us are pretty tight so . ..

Adam . silly, intelligent, funny, capable, idiotic, affectionate, totally butch ...

Because DrummerBoy (aka son) has a mercurial face, relishes bottom-slapping, hoicking his pyjama bottoms far higher than is necessary for 'effect', talking in convincingly camp manner, master of a myriad of weird noises and facial expressions, taking charge when the moment suits, farting inappropriately but has that loveable dishiness about him and a kind of Truman Show seriousness . . . not to mention the ability to be photographed with chess pieces glued to his brow . . .

Clare . . .Because she has wistful strangely coloured eyes, not quite brown, not quite green and amazingly flawless decolletage and skin . . she's feisty but feminine . . serious and funny, studious and adventurous . . . hard working and lazy, a pearl waiting to be discovered and the world is her oyster . .blow in her ear and she'll follow you anywhere . . .(although I'm sure that the lovely Scarlett doesn't burp or fart, eat chocolate or swear quite as often as the Bainomeister)

The Fringelet, so named for her perfectly coiffed fringe and often bouffant hairdo. . .she's sweet, naive, not petite but lanky and luscious, affectionate and waifish. A little 'continental' and mysterious, fun loving, chatty, a fashionista yet determined and focused . . .yeh,. . .we thought about this one for a while!

Lily, aka The Princess . .the laziest labrador on the block unless the word Walkies is enunciated . . .stick carrier and retriever and inordinately wiggly welcomer . .I've never known a dog wiggle to such excess upon my homecoming . .to such an extent that she has to be put outside to calm down before doing in the other cruciate and costing a $3000 repair . .much as I would like her to be Lassie, or Benji or Inspector Rex . . she's more . . Esther Williams . . pretty blonde in the water.
Well I couldn't think of any animal actor like Lily other than someone who likes to swim, so one for the oldies:

And moi . . .

. . Silly, sensual, overly confident, good humoured and advisory, a little cocky yet absurdly insecure and shy on the inside, I would never, never, never pose for a photograph like this but identify wholly with the bodyshape and the wise mentor in shows like The Vicar of Dibley or Jam and Jerusalem, plus she nailed a totally funny black dude! (I wish) Fo Shizzle ma fizzle! I am very Dawny (yet also a little Jennifer Saunders aka Edwina'ish - when it comes to beluga and nibbly bits! . . .what say you Saff?) God she was brave doing this!

We are the three Amigos, legends in our own lunchtime . . .plus the Fringelet!

Tags? Well, you know me, I'm not going to put you on the spot but I reckon Yukonchatterbug, Moon, The Depp Effect and Laughingwolf should have a go yer mugs!


Quickroute said...

My agent will be contacting your agent to discuss buying the rights to your movie or do you want to direct aswell?!!

Jay said...

Ahahaha! I've been Not Tagged! LOL! OK, you're on, but I'll have to think about this one very carefully!

Love the Dawn self-image. I'd love to be like Dawn, she's an amazing woman! Good for you!

Esther Williams! ROFL!

Nick said...

Having just done the same meme myself, I was idly wondering who could play Baino. I would never have guessed Dawn French. Nice one! What an inspiration she is to women everywhere, I'm sure. She just flaunts herself shamelessly in flagrant disregard of every suffocating female stereotype.

Baino said...

Quickie .. I can't imagine a movie that's a cross between the Vicar of Dibley,Ace Ventura Pet Detective, The Girl with the Pearl Earing featuring a 40's aquatic display!

Awww Jaybo, not to worry, do it anyway. I'm not a great tagger but if it's a fun meme I'll have a go! I'm quite a bit slimmer than she with the flashy um . . smile but yeh, I do think she's great!

Ooo . .Nick I'm on my way . . um yeh, I'm far from the female stereotype or so I've been told! Who would you have guessed then?

laughingwolf said...

well now... gonna give it a ponderful pondering... at least :P lol

K8 the Gr8 said...

I woulda had you down as a Victoria Wood, but Dawn French is an excellent choice.

Nicely memed, dudette.

Melissa said...

What fun!! Thanks for the smile and chuckle, Baino. :) I asked Eli at dinner who would play me in a movie. Charlotte rolled her eyes and said, "That's easy ... your *daughter*."

Nick said...

Victoria Wood strikes a chord. All I can think of is a practical, no-nonsense kind of person. Jennifer Saunders or Catherine Tate or Jane Turner (just noticed they're all comedians - is that significant?). Just noticed also there's an American version of Kath and Kim starting in October. The mind boggles.

Baino said...

Wuffa . .you are the second most mysterious of my commenters so I'd be interested . .

Onya K8, you lead and I will follow! She's more my body shape but I'm a brunette (and your last post my sweet girl . . .awesome)

Melissa I have a penchant for the silly especially if I have little else to say . . Charlotte sounds like she's made a career choice!

Nick I visited a few times today but can't see your meme have you posted yet? Victoria Woods . . not really, she's very Lancashire although I have written a few silly ditties in my time . .Jennifer Saunders when I've had a few, Catherine Tate occasionally . .when I can be bovvered! And for the life of me I can't see Kath and Kim working in the states. But if you have any inkling of life in Australia . .it's a little closer to the bone than most would like.

Nick said...

The meme was tacked on to the bottom of my previous post, so that's probably how you missed it. I was too lazy to dig out photos, I just stuck to the names. I'm not known as Short-cut Shaun for nothing, ha ha.

laughingwolf said...


who's MORE mysterious'n a ol wuff? :P lol

once i get my chest pain under control [from that fall] and i can limber up my think bean, i'll post... something ;)