Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Skype me Moit!

I 'm addicted to Skype . .truly . . I log in at 8:15 ish am and if that little orange bar doesn't light up and Notsoanonymous or JD doesn't say 'ello . . guten tag or fizzle ma shizzle I am crestfallen. Similarly less frequent 'blip' sounds in the evening announce someone wanting to chat . . .

I'm sitting here right now waiting for ClareBear to chime back. We started a conversation on Adam's new Power Book (not sure the webcam does me justice but . . ) then the bratty kids declared that one of five dogs has a tick in it's eye and nobody gives a shit. Hold that call.

Fortunately there are no paralysis ticks in England but the tick is still embedded in poor Lara the Lurch's eye. Clare has been briefed with the virtues of olive oil which suffocates the tick and allows it's removal. This woman she works with has no idea about how to care for animals . . the worst bit . .she (my depressed Au Pair) burst into tears. It's like watching your best friend behind a window, losing it. I can touch but can't feel. Only 6 days to go before her travels commence and . . . in the background, little posh tots are lurking and distracting. For goodness sake, piss off and give her a few minutes family time.

Anyway . . Adam and I ended up having a long conversation thanks to the novelty of new bunnies for the British Brats and after tears, and messages saying that she can't articulate her frustration we had a lovely chat. Webcam and all, bad hair and silliness, we cried, we laughed, I uncharacteristically so, I, had trouble getting a word in edgeways.

My Saturday's aren't complete without at least one chat with the usual suspect, Dr "his name must not be mentioned", or Gaye sitting in bed in her PJ's waxing lyrical about her plans or ClareBear sneaking a moment away from the Bratastics . . my evenings are often enlightened when GrannyMar pops in for a quickie or my once only test call with the Criminal. Hey, if any of you ever want a free conversation, IM or voice . . shit . . I'll talk to anyone! Skype me baino1610 . .unless you're name is "Hotman", I'm usually there. Webcam optional and only available after a full hair and makeup . .or if Drummer Boy is home with the laptop. Or of course unless you're Clare who loves me warts and all!

toothpaste for dinner


Thriftcriminal said...

Yeah, I was a little drunk and it was a bit:

Hmm, how does this skype lark work then? Oh like that!
Shit I'm talking to someone but have nothing intelligent to say!

F**K! OK, be pleasant, be pleasant, grand, getting the hang of this.

OK, and before I drunkenly make a tit of myself, extract myself drom the situation, gooood ...goooood ...annnnd we're clear.

Next time I'll be sober and moderately intelligent :-) Maybe.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Alright, alright, I get the hint. Tomorrow morning while the garden service guy does his thing I'll come and creep up on you. Be afraid.
You with your funny accent and me with mine... Tee hee! And no, I don't do the webcam thing - not a chance!
PS do you think we'll have anything to say to each other?

Grannymar said...

Next week I hope to get back in touch. I needed space and no distraction, so I didn't open Skype. Think I should have done the same with the computer.

Excellent Adventures said...

I luvz talkin to ya too mumzy! Wish I could talk without reservation though. The walls have ears here and its driving me bonkers!

laughingwolf said...

i forget who owns skype, now... is it aol?

Bimbimbie said...

Poor dog, ticks are painful, I'm always finding one attached to some part of me found a small one on my face yesterday ... wonder why they haven't invited a nice tasteful tick collar for us like they have for dogs?

Hope you are feeling a little less blue today - agree with you about the donations - just send a cheque quietly *!*

Quickroute said...

Skype and my 7 year old don't get along. No - not the fruit of my loins! My 7 year old piece of crap laptop that has a sulky personality all of its own. I'm the laughing stock of techieville with this antiquated joke of a pc!

Baino said...

Haha Thrifty, needed a little Dutch courage eh! You were pleasant enough and a nice surprise it was too! I use it more for IM than voice except with Clare to be honest.

AV No pressure darls . .as for the accent, I'm surrounded by yarpies so no sweat! I haven't got a very strong accent. The influence of a well spoken English mother I suspect! As for anything to say? Surely you josh! Our emails are virtual short stories!

Ah GM I thought you'd been quiet on the ether lately! "Space and no distraction" oooh intriguing . .

I love to talk to you too angel and I hate to see you so sad. Just call me when you get to London and splill those guts, vent that spleen and you'll be rid of the Bratistas for EVA!

Wuffa I have no idea but it's a way of connecting with the world and I love it. Tell the truth, I'm a lousy phone person. I don't even know why I have a landline and my mobile is hardly used but as a fast typist, I can IM until the cows come home!

Bimbimbie, quite true. Apparently they don't get paralysis ticks but it's really irritating her eye and the stupid woman won't take her to the vet. I think Clare was going to try the olive oil cure, can't risk tweezers near and eye or nasty metho like cures. One nearly killed my sister's dog a couple of years ago. And thanks, my one day blues is over until the next. (Cheered up by a Skyper incidentally!)

Quickie I feel your pain. I have a six year old Dell and Skype has a Nana nap (affectionately known as a Skypeout) every 20 minutes or so while it reconnects. Although it works fine at work so I suspect its our slow ADSL. Very frustrating but those who ring in or IM are used to it now and hang about . . .I never go without saying goodbye!

No pressure folks but if that green bubble has a tick in it, drop me a line! It's truly been my lifeline to ClareBear

Jay said...

I like Skype but I can't get my friends to sign up! Theyre suspicious of it for some reason. Is it Google who owns it now?

As to the tick, I'd take the dog to the vet if it's close to the eye. You can get tick tweezers, but the potential for eye damage is great unless you're very good with doctoring animals and can trust the dog not to jump at the wrong moment. Does Capstar work on ticks? that might be worth a try. It's a tablet you feed to the dog and it makes their blood poisonous to fleas. Very safe for the dog though.

Anonymous said...

Pitchfork battles ho!

babysis said...

I dont have a web cam.
I dont know how to do Skype.
I feel all left out.


I do know how to do talk to humans
I do know how to do coffee (soccer season over in 2 games now)
I feel better now!

Hip Hip Hooray!

Baino said...

Jay it's tough being a connected chick in an unconnected BabyBoomer world! Probably why there are few examples (like GrannyMar) who know their SCSI from their Dongles! Personally free international phone calls works for me!

As for the dog, Clare's not squeamish . . we can 'dress' just about any wound (even if it's got worms in it) but we draw the line at giving antibiotics to Welsh Mountain Ponies via injection!

Notso . . pitchfork not necessary, you are second only to ClareBear on my priority list.

Babysis . . .yeh but all your chickens are at home roosting. I bet Cathy has it!

Besides, I like to talk to Clare, some spesh bloggers, Kenton of course but I'm too tight to use a landline. (Plus no pics on the landline)

As for soccer, I can't wait for the season to be over and coffee times to begin. . you see . .it's all about me, me, me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Baino,
Thanks for dropping by to comment on my blog. I'll definitely have to get my family to set themselves up on Skype. I love it! I can call my friends and family any time without worrying about cost and length of call! Now they'll just get sick of me. :)
Oh, and I added you in my Skype contacts.

Baino said...

Ooh Chatterbug! I haven't got the invite yet Drop me a line.