Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Wonders of Webcam

She has always been a capable girl but now she's the same but different. A Skype webcam session tonight with she who has traversed the planet was lovely. It's been a week since we spoke so it's nice to see that she's healthy, happy, wearing about 16 wristbands from her adventures and seems to have made the headband a new fashion statement. Of all places, Germany, the bastion of high technology has crap wireless internet so she has to resort to hostel land lines or internet cafes. Still there's nothing more heartwarming, more tearful, more hug needy than seeing your daughter on a webcam wearing a green 'Peace' T shirt and asking "What was that cute German village we went to with the awesome Christmas shop!" God love the internet . . I can hear her voice, see her face and almost touch her skin . . oh how I long to stroke her hair and give her a hug . . you know when you walk into your child's room before going to bed and you just stroke that cheek, move that out of place hair and tuck their arm into the warm covers . . .I miss that . .

She's explored the Gringo trail, partied at Carnivale in Brasil, cruised with camans on the Pantenal, marvelled at the Iguazu falls, seen religion at a Machu Pichu, lived with a family in Bolivia, mountain biked down Death Road, ridden the trails in Ecuador, walked on the equator, silver mined in God knows where. Taken silly photos at Uyuni salt flats, pretended to fall off the Grand Canyon, played slot machines in Vegas, kissed orcas in San Diego, been shouted all night drinks in San Francisco and swirled in Tea cups (for the second time) in Disneyland. Eaten hot dogs and seen a Yankees game in New York, been sprayed at Niagra, chased witches in Salem and played Team America in Washington, stumbled through French speaking Montreal and cycled around Toronto, been an Au Pair in Surrey England, smoked dope in a Delft Coffee shop and rocked out to Pendulum at Lowlands, explored Berlin and now on to Dresden, Munich, Prague, dinner with Schmecky's Italians before a yacht cruise along the Dalmatian coast before . . . .not sure what.

I see her blurred and staccato image on the webcam and she looks the same, she sounds the same but there's something about her that is different. This trip has seen her grow, become more confident, more self assured and a little more distant. I just hope when she comes home, she's the same . . yet different! Prepare for major hugs my darling because I'm not letting you out of the house for at least 2 weeks! Only 14 weeks to go, it sounds so much closer than 3 months . . .but who's counting. I don't miss her until I see her . . then when I see her I want to buy a plane ticket for her to come home tomorrow. I know what she's doing is life changing, important, satisfying, worldly but sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I had a stay at home kid.

So to all you ex pats who are away from home, exploring foreign climes and chasing your dreams . . don't forget your mothers, because we pine. We love you, we want you to be happy and safe but boy do we miss you!
Clare and one of her best friends Schmecky at Lowlands Festival - Netherlands


Anonymous said...

An incredible trip followed by a hug from an incredible mama?

Lucky girl. Very lucky girl.

(Great pic, too!!!)

Ces said...

If this is not going to convince me, nothing else will. You are just one big softie, so start changing that Ramboesque kangaroo on the sidebar of this blog or you will lose your credibility with me. You are a sweet, loving, caring mother-hugga-bear but I don't blame you, she is a sweet, beautiful and attractive girl (not the type the mayor of Isa was looking for :0) I need to understand one thing. This European, Anglo-saxon deal of having an off-year and just circling the globe. Is this traditional? My son is planning to do it and he is only a high school sophomore. I never did this. I went to college at fifteen and worked everyday since I graduated at 19. Now I don't think that made me a better person than if I took a year off and traveled but I did not have money and therefore had to immigrate to just even practice my profession. I think that if they can, it is good for young people to see the world. I am all for it. My husband did it. Baino, your daughter is a sweetheart but then again you are too. I would have never thought that several months ago when I stumbled upon your blog and the first post I read was a Friday f---kwit.

Ropi said...

What about the famous German precisity and reliability? In Germany everything must work perfectly.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Mommabear, it sounds like Babybear is is having an awesome time! Nothing like the University of Life And Travel to help you grow!
Don't worry, only 14 weeks to go - unless she decides she wants more...! ;-)

ebony said...

i am back. you are a really good mum-person :D! and wow your daughter is lucky :) so, hang in there. I really want to do something like that too..

Baino said...

Hello WN haven't seen you around for a while. Yep she's definitely in for home arrest for a few days! But really I'm just a normal mum who misses her kid. What's the bet in three weeks of her returning I'm back to being rambo mama about the messy room! She's got some fantastic pics on her Facebook site, I can hardly keep up with them.

Thanks Ces, very kind of you and perhaps the pic is due for a change. Yes, it's quite common in Australia for kids to take a gap year either before uni or after. Mine have both worked part time jobs through school and university which gives them the funds to do it. I think it might have something to do with the fact that we're so far away from Europe (although many do it in Asia or the South Pacific too. In Clare's case, she worked full time for a year after finishing her degree, (and lived at home of course so cheap digs!) she's 24 in December. It's all my fault, I took her on a European Adventure when she was 12 and packed her off to Japan in year 10 so itchy feet are now a permanent ailment! Mmm .. sorry 'bout that but the FF has become a regular intallation! I found you through Bird Anonymous but alas ... she's flown the coop! (Hope everything's OK with her?)

Exactly Ropi, I was very surprised! The webcam picture was very stilted and she had to go to use the hostel PC because their wireless internet is crap. Apparently Britain has the best internet on the three continents over which she's travelled! It'll be interesting to see what it's like as she works her way through the Czech Republic and Croatia!

Yep AV, that she is. I sound a bit like a maudlin mum,seriously,I'm not but I think being a single parent you develop a close and slightly different relationship with your kids. Mine aren't just my progeny, they're my friends. And she's not allowed any more! She has to be home for her birthday and that's non-negotiable!

Baino said...

Hello Ebs, nice to see you back. Well that's an admirable goal I must say and you're a little closer to particularly Europe so good luck with it. You'll need an 'after school' job first! Actually, I wouldn't mind a white Christmas in Finland either!

laughingwolf said...

always good to hear from wee ones, baino... i'm sure your clare will forever be who she is, regardless of the necessary 'growth'... kudos, mama! :)

Grannymar said...

The time has flown, and you will never regret giving Clarebear her wings.

I always say we mothers never cut that cord. Thankfully it is made of very strong elastic.

Bimbimbie said...

I'm giggling over Ces's comment about the ramboesque kangaroo, I agree. I think you need a pici of a mother hen and her chicks ... perhaps one with a backpack? Sounds like your daughter is having a trip of a lifetime *!*

Jay said...

Wow - she is having a blast isn't she? I know what you mean about the same, but different, more confident somehow. My boys went through the same metamorphosis when they first lived away from home. They didn't travel the globe, but the effect was there.

Your daughter will come home so much more her own person, but her love for you will still be there - how could it not be, when you're such a cool Mum?

david mcmahon said...

Great work, Baino. Every parents would agree.

babysis said...

Baino, she is and will grow older and more distant its just nature taking its course - Abam is doing it too, but just in a different manner. Never ever underestimate a childs TRUE LOVE for their mother.

She will be home soon darling, she may have evolved thats all and when she sees you she'll want you more than ever - you are her rock.

kj said...

baino, i have and totally deeply forever love a daughter too, so this tribute just about made me cry. what a reunion you'll have!!!

the following is so trite i wish i could find a different way to say it: stop by my blog when you have a chance. there's a little award for you... :)

Baino said...

I know I sound like a total woos Wuffa but we have a very close relationship with both my children. I just hope she doesn't get too changed and worldly!

True GM, there are some very doting parents among the commenters here and they seem to have maintained their relationships. I must admit, if she decides to move to Queensland it will seem like nothing more than a stretch compared to being on the other side of the world! You've managed to keep your and Ellie's relationship together so I hope I'm as successful!

Oh you two! Alright, I'll have a look for something a little softer! Yeh, she is. She misses 'us' but not home. I'm actually very envious! She's keeping Paris off the list bless her! We'll do that together next year or the year after.

Thanks David. I'm guessing yours are a little younger but not far from fledging the nest. It's a wrench I'll tell you!

Babisis, true. Mum wasn't my best friend until I was in my late 20's to be honest. I didn't value her until I had kids of my own. The best thing in relation to all this is Adam and I are closer than ever. It's been a blast to have him on his own (well with a Fringelet attached but she's cool too!) And brave words coming from the mother of a 10 year old! Just you wait till she says she's disappearing for a year!

kj, I know you're close to your gorgeous girl so you know exactly where I'm coming from. (Although I'm not sure I'm ready for the grandparenting bit just yet!) Thanks, I'll pop over!

Quickroute said...

No doubt about it - Travel changes you. It's the best education a yung 'un can have.

laughingwolf said...

it matters not a whit, baino... she'll always be your baby!

like my three are to me, ages 23, 24 and 26 [soon]

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Holy cow, she has travelled! Web cams are the best. When my sister was in Iraq we could get a glimpse of her and know she was fine!
Congrats on making David's post of the day!