Friday, August 31, 2007

Emerging Grey is the New Blonde

I don’t know much about cars. That’s boy stuff. Today I was behind a rather sleek looking, black Jag at the traffic lights. I was very impressed that Jaguar had decided to name their model after Michael Stype from REM - a liberal and progressive decision. Then someone corrected my blonde moment and told me it was an S-TYPE!

A guy at work confessed (and yes he is Irish) that he once stood on a station platform and asked the conductor what time the 12:30 train was due. The words had left his mouth before he realised how stupid it sounded. (In his defense, it was 12:40 at the time but it just sounded so blonde!)

ClareBear came home extremely hungover on Thursday morning after a blokes night with Queen Bea, had a quick shower, changed for work then scrambled around trying to find her car keys. Again, the blonde moment “Where did you lose them?” sprouted from my idiotic mouth, long before I engaged my brain. Obviously if she knew where she’d lost them they would be found. They were recovered still sitting in the ignition.

I once phoned a friend on their landline and asked them “Where are you now?”. Automatic response from using my mobile too much.

It’s Friday . . . gimme a break! Does emerging grey count as blonde?


Brianf said...

Either emerging grey IS the new blonde or I am WAY to use to my cell phone because I called my bud Jim at his home yesterday and the first thing out of my mouth was, "Dood, you home?".

Grannymar said...

Baino have you ever tried to answer the phone by putting the computer mouse to your ear?

Give it another 10 years....

b3n said...

On the naming of cars: Did you know that the Ford Ka was named especially for the people of Drogheda (my home town). Everybody in Drogheda (Drawda to the locals) drives a Ka and they park them in Ka Paaks. They also eat Maas Baas.
Don't get it? It's an accent thing.

Baino said...

I love logging in at 9:17and getting your comments. I get the accent thing. Brian sooooo glad you do that. It's like arms getting shorter!
GM: um not quite but I lose my car and can't use auto text on a mobile
B3N: happy weekend you sound like you've had a helluva week. We call them kaaa paaks too! Are you really in irelad? Fark me dayed!