Saturday, August 04, 2007

That Was My Mistake

Awww we’ve been making mistakes ClareBear and I. Some of my most famous relate to my ‘lack of attention to detail’ and my daughter has inherited the same defect. So we are two square pegs in decidedly round holes at the moment on the work front.

So far this past couple of months I have managed to:

  • Lose a client’s Issuer Sponsored Share Certificates
  • Lose the Water Board’s offer to buy the creek
  • Provide unsolicited and illegal advice to a client by telling them that they’ll pay fewer fees if they consolidate their super funds (for fucks sake it’s not rocket science . . . since when did common sense comprise financial advice)
  • Sat on another bunch of share transfers that should have been processed by 30 June
  • Completely forgotten where I’ve put my packing tape and spoon rest and it’s really annoying me (actually the packing tape turned up in the fridge)
  • Let my pool go green

No worries, you say . . nobody has died, suffered or even been inconvenienced by my little faux pas but it gets to ME . . . it makes me look and feel like an idiot

Mind you some of my best mistakes include:

  • My career choices – all of them!
  • Starting smoking
  • Rejecting the idea of having a romantic relationship when my kids were young
  • Installing cheap fly screens
  • Volunteering to be the pool cleaner and garden maintenance slut
  • Ikea furniture
  • Giving BabyBro the opportunity to ‘buy in’. Now I’ll never get him out!
  • Buying horses at 35 years of age
  • Gaining weight
  • Not going to Paris when I was so, so, so, close
  • Sending a berating email to someone ‘about’ them
  • Not hugging my mum and dad enough

I’m sure there are many many more but yours would be more interesting so spill!

However, all my mistakes are countered by one thing I did very, very right:

Child rearing . . and even one of them was a happy mistake . . .I can’t complain . . they turned out not to crispy and not to soft, not too crunchy and not too gooey, not too prickly and not too smooth but just right!

Anyway, my point is that people need to be allowed to make mistakes and learn by them. Making the same mistake twice is a bit ditzy but c’mon . . .to err is human

So you patronising perfectionists who think you’re so shit hot! I am creating a dossier on you all. Next time you make a mistake, I’ll make a big deal, I’ll jump up and down and point at you in front of everyone and pull my best “I told you so nar nar na-nar nar” face. I’ll bring it up in conversations for the next 100 years so you know that I haven’t forgotten your mistake and rub your proverbial nose in it at every opportunity. I’ll call a meeting and highlight it in front of those you used to respect and I’ll put an indelible note in your HR file!

Actually I won’t.

I’m very forgiving. Mistakes are marvellous and unless we keep making them, discovery is impossible.


Daz said...

The one mistake I rue quite a bit was not asking out a girl when I was sixteen; I knew she was interested in me but did nothing about it. To this day I can't say why.

She's now with someone I'm friends with, but one can't help but wonder ...

Baino said...

I reckon anyone who says they have no regrets is lying or their life has gone completely according to plan. I think I know who she is Paduan, bide your time, bide your time! You prolly would have broken up anyway . . that's often the course of schoolyard romances. Although having said that . . . my best friend has been married to hers for 25 years. Yoiks!

And where is Daz and what have you done with him? No humour or expletives for three days! Get back on that caffeine!

Daz said...

Ah no, this is an entirely different lassie, years before the other one. I know this girl a long time.

And The Council Of Elders looks down upon my expletive laden humour ... must be too busy being brownnosed by new commenters.

Anonymous said...

I really really really regret my choice of bloke first-kiss wise. Yuk. And I'm totally with you on the smokes thing. Especially seeing as I broke my promise to my gran when she pleaded with me to avoid cigs like the plague.

I have so many itty bitty silly regrets, it doesn't bear thinking about. Best thing is to shove those thoughts right out the window. No point in looking to the past I say, except, as you say, to learn from it.

Baino said...

K8 you're right, learn from them and move on. I'm a better person for the mistakes I've made and I'll prolly keep making them. Anyway, without the lows how can we appreciate the highs.