Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Face Off to Face Book

Owww . . .my head hurts. First there was MSN which I still use mainly at work. Then there was My Space which I only joined to enable me to comment on ClareBear and Aktor’s spaces. Then there was Blogger, which has turned into an unhealthy obsession. Then I dabbled in Wordpress but decided it was too techy for me for just now. There's Outlook which is my main email communication method. Then I was clued up to Skype which I really . . . really . . . really . . . love because it’s messaging and audio all rolled into one and it’s free. But now. . . friggin Facebook which I have to join if I want to follow my kid’s travels around the world has reared its ugly head.

I remember Grandad talking about 'poking' and confusion on Facebook but others have told me it's "My Space" for grown-ups - well I haven't seen ANY evidence of that. I’m really not sure about all this food fighting, hugging, working out how much alike you are and everyone poking each other, either! If I want a poke, I’ll ask for it. And if someone throws something at me I want the satisfaction of a splattery-splodgy sound. As for a virtual drink or a piece of virtual cake – what’s the point in that! It's as satisfying as a virtual hug! Gimme the real thing any time!

Plus, when am I going to have time to ‘live’. I can’t possibly indulge all these online obsessions working full time and managing a five acre property, spending time with my poppets, looking after animals, cleaning, washing, socialising . . . not to mention the need to face up to the camera and post a picture . . . OMG . . .that's going to take ages given the amount of spackfiller and vaseline required for a soft focus!

Within seconds, I’ve got three friends and am being encouraged to add more - which is very nice but now there’s pressure to decide upon which application to use when speaking to them. I already have quite a few virtual and real friends with whom I Blog, Skype and Email surely throwing cake at them and poking them on a daily basis is a bit of overkill . . . plus, their sites are far more sophisticated than mine so I'm under pressure to make it look pretty and I haven’t got a clue. ClareBear . . . Help!

Mission for tonight: Explore, expand and expunge if it turns out to be a crock.


Johnny Dodge said...

Just added you as a friend sweetie:)

Yep these things are insanely additive... its a wonder that I manage to drink as much as I do:)

K8 the Gr8 said...

It's claimed you too?! *slinks off to investigate...*
You do know that these networking sites are just tools for aliens to keep tabs on us don't you?

b3n said...

Nooo, I'm still refusing to get involved with this facebook thing, with all of ye virtual friends, soon I'll have no time for me real ones. Arrrgghh!

Baino said...

Thanks Dodge,now there's even MORE pressure. At least we have a modicum of human contact even if it's over the phone and podcast. K8 I've long suspected you were a virtual pie fighter. B3N . . hold out my man . . don't come over to the dark side!
Seriously tho, I doubt I'll keep it up to date so don't expect any groundbreaking stuff!

Daz said...

It's a pack of balls. I was with Bebo talking to people I could have picked up the phone and fucking rang.

Then again you're talking to the guy who once said that people who comment on blogs but don't blog themselves should go out and get a real hobby, or laid, or both.

I'll be making my excuses now ...

Baino said...

"Then again you're talking to the guy who once said that people who comment on blogs but don't blog themselves should go out and get a real hobby, or laid, or both."

Hahah . . . hope you get lucky Paduan . . . let me know which one happens first . .

In defence of blogging/commenting, none of my correspondents are in Sydney except the Kiddywinks.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Oh come on, then, be my friend so I can chuck a sheep at you! :-) And after that I can send you a candy cane and then perhaps I can get my werewolf to bite you and you can join my werewolf army.
Frankly, I've yet to see the point of "my face" but it's been fun - just like being in kindergarten again!
As for life beyond Web 2.0 - nah, there isn't any... is there? Um...?

Baino said...

Thanks Vanilla, I'm probably childish enough (and you did bite me!) In the nicest possible way of course!

Brianf said...

I'm an alien.

Baino said...

It's official. I'm not keen on it. Looks like an excuse for every software developer in the world to make you download funny little packets that make you compare people, ask silly questions and chuck stuff.