Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm Rooted!

My father never had a filling in his life, my mother had a partial ‘plate’. Babybro had his first filling at 46 years of age, BabySis just visits the dentist to get her teeth industrially cleaned. HippyBro should be buying shares in the Hills Dental Clinic his teeth are so soft. Drummerboy has never had a filling. Clearbear has just had nine. Me, well I've been quite lucky but the old filings fall out when I chew gum or something crunchy and I have a dead nerve in one of my teeth so time to face the music.
Yes I’m fine thank you with the rooting (hahaha) bit of my canal treatment begun today and without an anaesthetic, how friggin tough am I? Hey Brian! Tat schmatt! It didn’t hurt then but I can feel it twinging a bit now. I'll have to get Grandad to run down to the chemist.
The tooth is drilled, the nerve literally filed away with a range of teensy-weensy toothy files that are rubbed up and down the interior of the tooth to widen the cavity up to the root. (That word always makes me giggle). The scaley stuff (dead root hehehe *so mature*) is removed and something foul tasting and bleachey inserted then stuff is packed into it and a temporary filling to let the sanitised packing clean out the tooth cavity over the coming week.

Next week, it all gets taken out and a permanent filling inserted and a bit of bleach to whiten me and brighten me. Then a couple of nice porcelain veneers on three other teeth and I’ll look like an American! Then I won’t need (nor will I be able to afford) anything else for Christmas!

Sorry, this post is self-absorbed and all about me yet again but I’m feeling very brave about having my roots pulled. And, might I add deeply ripped off by our Dental health system. I pay a load for Medical, Hospital and Dental cover. Have never been in hospital other than to have babies, don’t need Chiro, Physio, Accupungture or a new pair of running shoes - I need good dental care!

Now children, look after your teeth, brush twice a day, floss after every meal and use a mouthwash in the evening (but don’t spit it down the sink if you have an Envirocycle or Septic Tank system because it kills the 'good' bacteria). See your dentist every 12 months for a checkup clean and scale and you might then be able to avoid spending thousands of dollars on root canal therapy and DaVinci veneers!
Then again, if it doesn't look any good, this ho can pimp her root with some grillz!

Did I say root enough in this post?


Jefferson Davis said...

Aww...poor Baino. I'm soo sorry. You are a tough lady! That much is certain. :-)

At 35 years of age, I've never had a cavity, which is rare in the Southern US of A. Most folks in these parts are missing a few teeth by the age of 21. We like to brawl. :-)

Of course, my teeth are far from perfect. My mouth is too small for me teeth. I should have a mouthful of fillings, but I don't. :-)

by the way, I love the new look of the blog. :)

Did I put enough smilies in there? :-D

Daz said...

Did Mike Hunt design your new blog?

Baino said...

JD: Thanks possum. Can't feel a thing this morning. Keep smiling!
Daz: Hahahah. Didn't know you had one! You are the rudest child I have ever not met!

Daz said...

Yeah, a lot of people say that.

I've never had dental work either, and am proud to say that I still have an original and entirely unused appendix.

ClareBear said...

Meanwhile I go to the dentist and 3 anaesthetics later I can still feel them drilling! I'm either superman and have hyper sensitive nerves or the dentist is out to kill me. Either is possible

Cohesian said...

Guys I am very interested in the overall health of someone who has never had tooth decay.

Would you be so kind as to share if you have ever had the flu, or ever had anti biotics