Monday, August 27, 2007

Little Drummer Boy

No peram-peram-pum for my lad! Busy busy day today so no time for a proper post so have resorted to blatant plug for Aktor - DrummerBoy's band. Recorded with a VCR at the Annandale Pub so it's not the best sound quality but aint they cute? Beat the crappoodle out of those tom toms baby boy!

Time at War

Far From Here

Bless their little rockin' socks.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Kewl! Baby boy can sure beat the crap out of those drums! Way to go!

Baino said...

Yep he's another Basher Bainbridge alright. Not necessarily my taste but they're turning into a real band. Just glad that pracice is now at the guitar playez house, not mine!

wordnerd said...

Wow! Pretty awesome!

Jefferson Davis said...

Wow! They are awesome! I want a signed copy of their CD, when it comes out! :)

Did you shoot the video, Baino? :)

Baino said...

JD: Couldn't shoot a tin can on a post. One of the girlfriends did it.

gayƩ said...

Hi, I bumped into your blog after a clicky-link to your name above the comment you left at Grandads post.
I suddenly thought is this the drummerboy I know? I read a bit more and saw the part where you say he is a landscape designer/gardener? Ok so far so good. But then I read that his band is called Aktor? That didn't do, unless King Jack changed it's name... I know a lovely drummerboy whom my boyfriend and I listened to at Anandale Pub earlier this year. My bf (Irishman who used to be a drummer) and this other drummerboy (whom I thought was your drummerboy) worked at the same place, which is closed now.
Anyways, I was thinking what a small world but I don't think it's who I think it is.
So nevermind, great to read some of the stuff you wrote! Will be back.