Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Used to Think There Was No Such Thing as A Stupid Question

I have been tortured by a cantankerous internet today. A WAN Cable error on our Linksys router (like I have a clue what that means) has meant incoming emails were received but nothing was sent and all knowledge remained floating out there in the ether, ethereal as ever and unaware of our sudden ostracism from the world at large. It slipped in and out of consciousness throughout the day and I received the odd email from ClareBear and managed to get a virtual card out to birthday boy and a slightly failed “Go To Assist” with a software administrator that was quite entertaining.

What really struck me was the attitudinal dependency of the entire office upon this ubiquitous and fragile medium, without which all life as we know it ceases to exist apparently. To add insult to injury, this dodgy connection was somehow attributable to me as the IT Guru (their name not mine). Since the departure of our full time IT Administrator, who our powers that be did not see fit to replace, I have become the whipping girl for all things malfunctioning that relate remotely to Information Technology. And I work for people who think that fax machines and printer drums are also information technology. In fact one thinks that Excel is something only a Network Administrator can fathom – hence his adoration of our Excel specialist who is the biggest wanker on the face of the planet but that’s another story.

Ok a few of the banalities I’ve had to put up with:

“The internet doesn’t work . . .”
No kidding, I just sent you an internal email saying that you fucking rocket scientist
“I can’t save this document in COIN . . .”
Really, that’s because you don’t have editing permission you shit-kicker
“I can’t login to the boardroom computer . . . “
Locked ourself out again have we due to a forgotten password, then abused the receptionist and the IT misfit as if it’s their fault you forgetful fool
“My VPN doesn’t work” That’s because you’re on your work computer, not logging in remotely
“Will you email me when the server’s back up please” – umm . . . You’ll have logged out so that I can restart the server so you won’t be able to read my email.

We knew we’d be reconnected at some stage during the day but the response of “Oh can we get an early mark” or “well what are we supposed to do now?” And from the principals of the company “Just how long is this going to take . . .” like I can somehow 'will' the World Wide Web to perform on cue. One principal even questionned the suitability of our IT Outsourcer because he didn’t lob on-site the minute I called him about what is probably an external ISP issue.

Crispy, TheBenchwarmer, Brianf – I wouldn’t have your IT client liaison jobs for quids. Clients are thankless, stupid and have unrealistic expectations of the abilities of IT problem solvers . . . you are all saints in my book!

And another thing . . what is it about some person, and we all know who he is, taking the last clean spoon and not washing it!

Oh and on a completely different note, Brianf has a birthday today (23rd August). So go visit and wish him well. He doesn’t post much these days because being your typical male, multi-tasking isn’t his strong point and he's too busy eating veal and conning chefs out of their skilets. Plus his rather demanding job sees him travelling during the week and gives him the perfect excuse to be a lazy ass. Happy b’day Bri. Have a blast!


b3n said...

"Clients are thankless, stupid and have unrealistic expectations of the abilities of IT problem solvers . . . you are all saints in my book!"

Cheers for the words of encouragement Baino. I'm a contract Systems Administrator. I know only all too well what some clients can be like. I must blog about it sometime but I'll have to blog about it in such a way that I don't break the terms of the Official Secrets Act.

Baino said...

Gawd not another one. I seem to have a penchant for getting on with Geeks. I feel sorry for you . . .I'm not techy at ALL but have had to take on the mantle to stop my boss from throttling the little guys that try to keep our systems running.

Grannymar said...

To the Q '“well what are we supposed to do now?” ' you should have pulled a slate and piece of chalk out of the air for him! It had to be a HIM asking that kind of question.

Baino said...

GM: You're absolutely right. One even asked me to fix a shortcut on his desktop "immediately" then promplty took a client into his office and shut the door. Unfortunately, my magic wand doesn' work through glass.

Brianf said...

I like the way Grannymar put it. Yes, we are all H.I.M.! Please start referring to us as such.
My birf'day is 23 August, not September.
Eating veal (tortured baby cows) is a good thing.
If working 12 to 14 hours days makes me a lazy ass then I am a lazy ass.
I had a good day. When my work was finished I took a nap. Any day one can take a nap is a good day.

Baino said...

Aw Dang Brian. I'm a month ahead of myself (writing publications for next month so I'm off the planet.) Your birthday has been corrected. Work schmirk . . .!