Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bet You Didn't Know . . (prolly don't care . . .)

It's been a bit serious over at my place so here's a sweet distraction. Absolute Vanilla's best unfriend Atyllah is tagging memes. The rules are simple:
* link to the person who tagged you
* post the rules on your blog
* share six non-important things/ habits/ quirks about yourself
* tag at least 3 people at the end of the post and link to their blogs
* let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

mmm . . lets see, since most of what I post here is trivial drivel and singularly unimportant . . .

  1. I failed my first driving test for riding the clutch around corners but it was so long ago, now I drive an automatic so it was a moot point and nobody gives a shit so I guess that's pretty unimportant

  2. I can clean an entire house to hospital grade standards with little more than some Gumption and a duster and since ClareBear and DrummerBoy consider cleaning per se completely irrational and unnecessary, I guess that rates as being singularly unimportant.

  3. I have my own 'place' on the couch being a creature of habit and get a bit tetchy if someone else sits on my side which is conveniently placed near a table where I can place my glass and once upon a time, my cigarettes for handy access. It's very 'unimportant' where I sit but to me, this is my little corner of safety, my little untouched part of the kingdom that is the family room and woe betide anyone who sits there uninvited.

  4. I absolutely, have to make my bed every morning. No matter how late I am for work, it has to be done. Can't stand getting into an unmade bed (that's definitely unimportant and not cute enough to be quirky - perhaps just anal retentive)

  5. With the exception of the last two weeks, I rarely cry through sadness. But I can blubber uncontrollably when I'm angry. So if you want to make sense of what I'm saying, don't piss me off please.

  6. I think bras are the silliest invention EVER. Unless perhaps they are used to look enticing in the bedroom, what is their purpose? They are incredibly expensive torture contraptions. They don't stop your breasts drooping any more than breastfeeding does (that myth was fed to me years ago), they're incredibly uncomfortable. Difficult to put on and hard for men to take off without snapping something. It's embarrassing getting one 'fitted' and impossible to buy one that's comfy without. When you're nubile and pert, you don't need one and when you're middle aged and saggy they make you look 'matronly' and point your breasts in the wrong direction. I guess that's an unimportant quirk . .

OK. I quite like this meme because it's so unimportant and easy and for the creative, a chance to shine. (Note I am exceptionally dull) I'm going to tag Ropi and Ian because, the men seem to get away without being put on the spot and Nonny because she is a lazy blogger (um read has a life!) and this might get her going!

This one could work if it was made from something less nipple cripply! But still no good for wearing under a T shirt.


Anonymous said...

It was hard work posing for the cast of my hands.

Anonymous said...

Yup - i almost got failed for riding the clutch. Only i stuffed so many more things up that was the least of their worries.

I too now drive an automatic. Nice on those long trips home, whack the car into cruise and doze off for ahwile.

Baino said...

Brianf: I bet it was, did they get you to clasp a couple of baseballs?

Anonymous: REVEAL I hate anonymous comments, at least give yourself a nickname. You wouldn't be employing the cruise and snooze on trips to and from Canberra by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Sweet distraction and you're shining Baino! Did gumption help with your answers? I cry when exhausted but others think I'm sad because still running a million miles on empty. Almost there now WHAAAA ;)

Anonymous said...


I'm totally there with you on
1, 3, 4, and 6.

As regards 2, if you'd like any extra cleaning practice, come right on over. My house needs a Baino! Come to think of it, the Irish health service would benefit from your services too!

Number 5 is my big downfall. Ever since the hormones of motherhood kicked in, I blubber at the silliest of sad/happy things. It evens happens sometimes when I'm driving and in deep thought. I end up with tears streaming down my face and get strange looks from other drivers when I stop at the lights!

Anonymous said...

I once ate a massive block of cheese and had to go to the hospital to get my stomach pumped.

Anonymous said...

Baino I have my favourite armchair. It happens to be near the fire and closest to the kitchen. That way I can slip off to check the oven etc, without crossing through people talking.

One lady who visits was prone to say “I’ll sit there, that’s my chair!” Alas she said it once too often and I said “I thought this was my house! I don’t remember you paying for the chair.”

…..I’m off to the naughty corner, MY naughty corner! :D

Unknown said...

I am so glad to know that I am not the only one to have the same views about bras - and to have drawn the same conclusions. Nasty bloody things.

Anonymous said...

It seemed a great advance in the sixties when feminists stopped wearing bras but inevitably men took advantage of the trend and leered as much as they could so women had to cover up again. Another good idea thwarted. Bras are absurdly expensive too.

Anonymous said...

Tag's half done here, Baino, with ill grace ;-)


Baino said...

Anon and Steph: What a pair of tearys! Never mind, schools back today so birdie you'll get a little respite. And Steph, play happy music in the car!

Brian: You're strange but thanks for sharing.

GM Quite right we all need our little corner of the universe.

Nick: Maybe if nobody wore the buggers boobs would become less of a novelty.

AV: Dastardly contraptions. Won't catch me near one on the weekend!

Ian: There there it didn't hurt did it Rev? I need a login and password !

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Baino, don't know where that link came from!

Maybe this will work:


Anonymous said...

"Maybe if nobody wore the buggers boobs would become less of a novelty".

Baino - when I was a young thing I spent a few days in a 'Naturist Camp', out of pure curiosity you understand! It was fascinating. Nudity is a great leveller. The young and old went about their lives completely normally, shopping, eating out etc. People only attracted attention when they wore some clothing - it's kinda hard to avert your eyes when a man comes into a restaurant wearing nothing but a skimpy teeshirt!

Those were the good old days before gravity got a hold!

Anonymous said...

Ok boss I did it.

I think bra’s are a pain as well but newbie said when I take my Wonderbra off he wonders where the boobs have gone. Plus if I went running and didn’t wear one I would get chopped nipples.

Baino said...

Why Steph . . that was very daring of you Even at my nymphiest, I would go no further than topless.

Nonny: No such problem for me. I'm well endowed and don't run! Hehehe. Frankly I think gaffer tape would be more comfortable!