Monday, January 14, 2008

Stump Spotting

Too hot again. . a day fit for nothing but veging and staying wet, wet, wet . . . or so I thought until BabyBro decided to mow the back paddock. There are stumps and warrens hidden in the metre long grass so it's on with the boots to walk in front of the tractor as snake-bate and stump spotter so that the slasher blades don't get smashed. It is 32 in the shade and it's only 11:30! (Google Weather doesn't know what it's talking about - come and look at MY thermometer!

Boy can he pick his moments!

I'll leave you with my Aussie song pick for today . . .we are all animals after all!

*Some time later* . . .this was one of those days that makes labouring (or rather DrummerBoy's labouring) over your pool water quality worthwhile. Recovery day for the younglings with a chicken wing barbequeur, lots of lounging on pool floats and wallowing in the crystal water, picking on Mitch for getting way too drunk on Passion Pop last night . . .and then . . just when you need it . . a storm to cool things down. A perfect day. At least the 'waves of warmth' made little impact due to the heat! Work tomorrow . . pray for me!


Baino said...

Confession: I piked on the walking in front of the tractor. Stressany had a go for 20 minutes and piked cos of the heat. BabyBro piked after an hour of mowing cos the tractor overheated! Hehehe ..we were destined to do little today!

Unknown said...

I am photosensitive and I feel ill when it is above 25 Celsius. So I am sure I won't move to Australia. In water you can stand the heat better or at the seashore.

Baino said...

Haha . . Ropi, I am not meant to live in a hot climate. My daughter loves it, my son tolerates it, I hate it. Spring, Autumn and Winter are lovely but summer . . too hot . .too sticky but it has it's good moments. I might post about wehat's good and bad about living in Australia. I was 11 when I came her so I had no choice!

Anonymous said...

Although I LOVE hot weather, there is NO WAY I would be found anywhere near a paddock on a day like today! HAHHAHAA, it was too hot as soon as the sun rose! Isn't the storm great, although the air is still sticky it finally feels like a Summer day/evening.

Think of the air conditioning at work :)

PS: I thought the video might have been 'Baby Animals' before playing it *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Sunday am and we have a heatwave! It is 9°C here right now. Thats 9°C warmer than on Friday.

Baino I will keep my fingers, knees and toes crossed for you tomorrow, or tonight whenever work time is.

Take care

Unknown said...

Our heat has been blown away and I've had more than enough wind for the season! I want some balmy days!

Good luck with going back to work tomorrow - take it easy and don't overdo it the first couple of days!

Baino said...

Anony: it's sticky alright! Only 7:46 and the top lip is sweating even though it's cool. Sorry 'bout the clip I'm a Triple J girl and I fancy this one this week.

GM: when you're cold,you can always get warm. When you're hot, there's only so far you can go other than standing in the freezer section at Coles. I'm looking forward to the aircon at work! It's so cold we have to wear jackets!

AV: I'm with you, I hate the wind, bits fall off gum trees! Hope some sunny days are on their way - then again, you probably don't need the 'distraction'. Head down and bum up now! I want to say I know a published writer!