Monday, December 10, 2007

Best Drummer In Australia?

Well maybe, sort of, kinda . . . the boys in Aktor played in the Emergenza Regional Final on Saturday night at Sydney's Metro. Unfortunately, my recent neutering meant that I was a little too fragile for the mosh pit so I didn't attend but the lads were well supported by friends and family. They qualified on the night into the final 7 but missed out on the major prize which went to Van Dolls - congratulations boys and enjoy the trip to Germany. Well done Aktor, it's the experience of a lifetime and lets hope some record company saw you as possible signons. I heard first hand from BabyBro that you were nothing short of spectactular!

So, disappointed but pumped, they partied hard in a premature celebraton of DrummerBoy's 21st on Tuesday. Needless to say, it's been a bit of a 'lost' weekend.

Best of all, DrummerBoy was awarded the 'Best Drummer' accolade by the judges and has won a complete Sabian Cymbal Set . . . desperately needed I might add. Best Drummer out of all the entrants who qualified from across the country so I guess that makes him the best drummer in Australia . . .Congratulations baby! You're the best advertisement for a $500 Billy Hyde kit ever! He should sponsor you!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being the Mum of the Best Drummer in Australia! I was here earlier but stayed at Aktor's website to hear a tune. Although my ears are blocked due to the dreaded flu, their music hit my spinal cord and rocked my socks off! I think Billy Hide should sponsor DrummerBoy TOO!!

Anonymous said...

From a fellow drummer, well done to drummer boy! I must get a listen to them. And yes, a set of cymbals is badly needed. The poor spalsh is on it's last.

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic. God Baino maybe he’ll be rich and famous and you can live of hiss millions, you could be his “manager”. Well done to himself though it is quite an achievement.

Brian Damage said...

Love the hair lol:)

Baino said...

Haha . . .I wish he was rich and successful . . . I think that's a furfy! The splash and crash are OK but the China and High Hat need refurbishing! Jack you can check them on the link in the post.

BD: I have no comeback!