Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Seven Things To Know About Me

I've been tagged by Jack McMadwith a 7 things about me Meme . . and since I like talking about myself whether anyone's listening or not, I'm accepting the challenge. Timely actually as I am about to go Christmas Shopping and won't have the stamina for a 'real' post today!

Here are the rules of the Meme:

Post on your blog . . .
Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

  1. I like weird, off the wall, point of difference people. Seriously, normal people like me bore the pants of me so I like the odd bods, geeks, creatives, nutters, musicians - even some Americans
  2. My mother once made me sit at the table for 3 hours because I refused to eat Cauliflower Au Gratin - it smelled like sick - a neighbour came in and hand fed me the cold slop so I could go and play . . . it scarred me indelibly. I now love anything with a cheese sauce
  3. I spent some time in a solitary confinement cell in a pretty floral dress and a pair of red stilettos.
  4. I have driven a Police Range Rover down the M1 with the siren on and lights flashing and no, it didn't result in my spending time in a solitary confinement cell.
  5. I now only own three pairs of shoes - all of them sensible
  6. I bought a horse at an auction and had nowhere to put it when it was delivered. It spent three nights inside the swimming pool enclosure without falling in
  7. I talk to myself incessantly. I am often caught out having a heated conversation with myself or others, alive and/or dead. Does that make me mad?
OK tagging 7 that haven't already been tagged with my little blogroll isn't easy but here goes:

Absolute Vanilla
Clare and Jem
Brian Damage


Anonymous said...

HAHHAAAA, yes you're mad Baino! However I like weird, off the wall, point of difference people too! Shop till you drop:)

Excellent Adventures said...

Only 3 paris of shoes and all of them sensible? If I didn't know you better I'd think you were a lesbian.

Baino said...

Anon: Ah good, for a moment I thought I was boring.

Clare & Jem: No, I'm strictly hetero, although I think Charlise Theron is very pretty. I'm just afraid of falling off high heels . .the bigger they are, the harder they fall . .

Anonymous said...

You a whole can of crazy, girl.

Anonymous said...

I am SO going to get you back for this one!

Anonymous said...


If you were older, you'd remember the old Motown hit, "Stop, look, listen to your heart." Talking to yourself is the only way is the only way to do what the song says!

Baino said...

Daz: I know you're just saying that to make me feel less ordinary. One of us has to remain grounded!

Brianf: Aww c'mon you grumpy old man!

Ian: I am flattered that you think I'm too young to remember . . .Diana Ross then the Stylistics! Gee, did some naughty stuff to their songs I don't mind telling you for free!

"You're alone, all the time, doesn't it bother you . . la la la la why fool yourself, don't be afraid it's never too late to stop, look, listen to your heart . . lalalala" (See I'm off . . .)

I am definitely coming to one of your sermons!


Anonymous said...

Yaay Baino! Solitary Confinement? Is it sharable? If so please do.

Anonymous said...

I never understood why talking to oneself is so taboo. I do it all the time! I even chat myself up when I'm feeling down.

I am also with JackMcMad; I would give an eye full of lashes to find out what had you in the slammer looking so pretty. Did it involve cheese-in-a-can?

Anonymous said...

You can sing karaoke with the Stylistics while talking to yourself


Mind you, I find the dance routines mean you can't see half the words ;-)

Baino said...

Hang onto yer lashes girl. The Solitary confinement thing? My cousin in law was a prison guard. I went to his Chrismas Party at a new gaol at Parklea before it opened so I had me party frock on! Sat on the toilet . .appreciated how small the cell was and went back to the bar! There . . . nothing too sinister.

Anonymous said...

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