Saturday, December 08, 2007

Cherries for Nuthin and Yer Ham Fer Free

Thommo and The MerryWidow have been banging on about the Castle Hill Growers Markets, normally held on the first Saturday of the month. Being diligent little local grower supporters and lovers of the gourmet and environmental, they get up and at ‘em at 7.00am on each of these Saturdays to peruse the purveyors of fine spuds and smallgoods which are apparently much better than those bought in the shops and for TheMerryWidow to purchase her month's quota of fresh herbs.

I like growers markets, don’t get me wrong. I’m not much of a fan of things ‘baked’ or otherwise ‘prepared’ in someone’s probably slightly insanitary kitchen and am always a little suspicious of the odd blowfly possibly landing in someone’s pickles or preserves while they’re cooling on the sill but otherwise, I like fresh fruit, veg, smallgoods, verjuice, olives and tapanades . . .I just don’t like getting up and out by 7.00am on a Saturday morning.

So, taking pity on her royal groundedness, Thommo delayed her sojourn to the markets this morning and picked me up at 9.00am. Very civilized. We met the MerryWidow there and had a browse. Got to say, I was way impressed. The quality of the stuff was fantastic and tasting was encouraged so for breakfast, and serenaded by a pretty young girl and her violin I had:

  • Stuffed Olives
  • Kalamata Tapanade
  • Champagne leg ham
  • Soy roasted organic duck
  • Goats cheese
  • Chili Parmisan
  • Cherries
  • 2 flat whites with one . . .

Embarassingly, I bought nothing as a quick visit to the Eftpos machine revealed that I have -$2.54 in my bank account . . .damn the multi access Visa network. Someone held off processing my latest card debit.

Kipfler chat - The MerryWidow Does a Deal with SpudMan

Thommo buys Swiss Browns

Fabulous Flowers

Vampire protecton and sugar snap peas

Organic Breads - Yum!

They're open again on the 22nd so I'm going back to stock up for Christmas goodies! Or maybe I'll take the family and we can go a free Christmas lunch.

Tight arses of the world unite! Come along to the grower's market.


Anonymous said...

Your photographs are looking good enough to eat! Good way to start the day, WHAT A BREAKFAST! For !!!free!!! ... *sigh*

Jefferson Davis said...

Yummm....I'm not only envious of the gorgeous pictures, but the scrumptious food as well! :)

Baino said...

Anon: It was a coup! I just wished I'd had some kish to buy stuff.

JD: You are very kind my friend beginner's luck maybe or just a friggin' great camera! yayaya. The double smoked, deboned champagne ham was to die for! Poor piggy! I see what you mean about people tho. I was asked if I was taking pics for the local rag!

Gayé Terzioglu said...

Great photos, once you and your camera get to know each other better, it will be even be more impressive! I hope you had fun playing with it.
Free breakfast, isn't it just great! I want to go to the Saturday market here today, only, it's raining... Again... Today.... Hmph... More homesick time to come.

PS: Glad you liked the "7" seconds cyber hug.

grannymar said...

Now I am starving...

The wind is howling and the rain is running down the street like a river.

No way am I sticking my little old head outside today.

Do they sell sunshine & heat at that market? It is 7°C here.

Brian Damage said...

Fantstic photos Baino :)

Unknown said...

You remind me of me ito what you will and won't buy at markets! ;-) But your Growers Market sounds just like the organic market that happens every Saturday just up the road and under the trees. These foodie markets are such lively and fun places - thanks for sharing the tour - and yes, 09h00 is far more civilised than 07h00!!

Baino said...

Gaye/GrannyMar: Yep spoke to a few of your countrymen last night, lashing winds and howling gales. It's overcast, warm and sticky in Sydney. More like February weather really.

BrianDamage (Interesting name) Welcome. Thanks just happy snaps, this one was more about the atmosphere than the photographs.

Abvan: Maybe so but we don't have signs on our garbage bins asking us not to feed the baboons!

Excellent Adventures said...

Wow Mum, that stuff looks great! I'l definately come along next time, make sure its near payday though!!!