Saturday, December 22, 2007

Baubles, Bells and Beads

My creative juices have completely dried up this week. Probably due to feeling rather tired and worn . . .the body is doing its healing work and it's exhausting me. Still, I have time if nothing else on my hands so here goes. I didn't post anything Christmassy last year, not sure why . . . but this year, I seem to be in the mood. My tree, an artificial fir is not big enough to my mind but all that will fit into the little corner near my front door. But on it, are some very special baubles and decorations. Most picked up during our travels or gifts from people we love. It's not particularly colour coordinated, hasn't been contrived to look like a shop window. Instead, it's a bit of a mish mash but we love it. The thing is erected on ClareBear's birthday 4th December and of course, dispatched to the closet on 12th night. But until then, I like sitting here looking at it . . all sparkly and reminiscent.

One of two ittle Christmas stockings from Rothenberg in Germany

A violin from Vienna of course

A little wooden dude who once sat atop a single chocolate box, placed on each plate at Christmas Dinner by my mother, she had great attention to detail!

A very young Clare sprayed small pinecones and liquidamber seed pods silver, tied them with a filament of silver thread and they've lasted all this time!

Japanese bear in a Kimono from Clare's year 10 school exchange in Japan.
A gift from her host family

Swarovski crystal from Austria of course

One of two lovely hand made Christmas gifts from Jude in Melbourne.
I think of her everytime I look at it!

Clove and pearl ring from Frieberg in Germany, it smells as good as it looks, 12 years on!

Kris Kringle table present offered at 2001 Christmas Dinner - From Babysis!

Our Mish Mash of a Tree


Gayé Terzioglu said...

Tree not big enough? But fits into your LITTLE corner? Baino, sorry to tell you this but trees, real or fake, don't come much bigger in size. Well they do, but not in normal homes. More like in Bono's mansion in Dublin kind of homes, you know what I mean????
Unless of course that corner is indeed very little, with a lowered ceiling. :p You mad woman! *hug*

Photos are great, I think you have the best tree decorations, from places you have been to, presents or memories from past events. So lovely!

I am glad you are in the mood to do all this, involving Christmassy stuff in your blog world. :) Thankies.

Anonymous said...

What nothing from Drummerboy?

Baino said...

Gaye it is a little corner. The tree is about 6feet tall. My sister has wone that reaches the ceiling and is really 'natural' looking. As you'd imagine, fresh ones don't last too long here! Looking forward to some Turkish traditions on your site when you come back?

Brianf: What? Craft from DrummerBoy? You have to be kidding. Not a crafty bone in his body! He did help decorate it tho!

Nancy said...


Best wishes to you and your family for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2008......


Baino said...

Thank you Nancy and the same to you and yours. Stay warm and snug until the Spring breaks!

Anonymous said...

I found the whole post creative and look at your new avatar Baino! Merry, merry, merry!! Thanks for sharing your special Christmas ornaments :) Our tree is going to be really mish mashed after this Xmas, due for the bin! HAHAA.

grannymar said...

6ft is taller than me! My tree is pocket sized and up on a table.

Lots of family fun to you and yours Baino.

Unknown said...

Ha, so your tree is like my tree - and allsorts tree with decorations gathered from allsorts of places - and yeah, mine's an artificial tree that fits in a "little" corner too, Baino ;-)